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Sober living homes are communal living arrangements that provide structure, accountability, and support to those who are new in recovery.  The goal of sober living after drug treatment is to assist those in recovery to transition from a treatment center or active addiction into an alcohol and drug-free life within a structured, supportive environment.

Sober living homes are known by several different names such as sober living environments (SLEs), recovery residences, transitional living homes, and 3/4 houses.  Often, sober living homes are mistaken for halfway houses.  This is incorrect as most halfway houses are focused on reintegrating parolees and those released from prison back into society.

The purpose of sober living is to help people who struggle with addiction to find true, lasting recovery. Often, it is not a good idea for someone new in recovery to return home, where friends and family members who are still struggling with addiction may still live. Additionally, family members are not able to provide the care and accountability needed ensure growth in an individual’s recovery. Sober living provides people with a stable home where they can live with other recovering addicts and alcoholics as they put what they have learned in treatment into action in the real world.

Sober living homes give recovering alcoholics and addicts a time to engage in counseling and outpatient programs, where many problems can be worked out during the transition from active addiction to successful recovery. Sober living residents not only draw support from the staff, but also from each other as they work through the obstacles in their new sober lives.

Take a look at the list of sober living homes below. Once you find a sober living home you're interested in, fill out the contact form on that page and someone will promptly respond to you. If you'd like to speak with someone directly in reference to one of these sober living homes, please contact us at (844) SOBER-50.

Title Location Price Distance

Clear Skies Ranch

Coed Sober Living
Winnetka$Call for Price

Crescent Heights House

Coed Sober Living
West Hollywood$1500/mo+

Sycamore House

Coed Sober Living
West Hollywood$1250 / mo

Laurel Canyon House

Coed Sober Living
West Hollywood$Call for Prices

Normandie House

Coed Sober Living
West Hollywood$Call for Prices

Chateau Recovery Sober Living

Coed Sober Living
West Hollywood$Call for Price

Turquoise House

Coed Sober Living

Miller House

Coed Sober Living

Recovery Ranch

Men's Sober Living
Santa Barbara$Call

Back to Basics Equine Assisted Recovery

Women's Sober Living
Santa Barbara$Call for Price

Taraval House

Coed Sober Living
San Francisco$1300/mo+

Mary Deveau House

Women's Sober Living
Plattsburgh$$600/mo or $150/wk

Hollywood Beach Recovery

Coed Sober Living


Women's Sober Living
Michigan$450 per month

A Work In Progress

Women's Sober Living

Our Place Sober Living

Men's Sober Living
Mission Viejo$1000.00

Real Recovery of Asheville

Men's Sober Living
Asheville$Call for Prices

In Good Hands

Coed Sober Living
Woodland Hills$Call for Prices