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Thank you for your interest in Sober Nexus! We're proud to be a part of connecting people who need recovery services with the organizations that provide them.

We offer quality marketing and advertising solutions for your recovery service at unbeatable prices in this industry. We offer amazing customer service and we guarantee improvement in your online exposure.

We offer two different services through this website for promoting your recovery service. If you'd like to become a Sober Nexus Member and place a listing on the site, please select Sober Nexus Membership below. If you'd like to place a graphic or text ad on this site, please select Advertisement Blocks below.


Sober Nexus Membership

Become a member and list your recovery services on our directory. Earn special offers and discounts on other promotional services.

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Advertisement Blocks

Advertise with a graphic or text ad on our home page, listings and article pages. Earn discounts on advertising packages on our affiliate sites.

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Internet Marketing Services

Sober Nexus offers a full spectrum of internet marketing services through our parent company, Effective Media Group (EMG). EMG offers complete optimized web design, full web content management, search engine optimization, social media management, search engine marketing, email newsletter management and more, all for addiction treatment and recovery services.

EMG helps generate leads through your own website, social media sites, email campaigns, and links from other sites. For more information, please visit EMG online.

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