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Sober College of Woodland Hills

Sober College of Woodland Hills
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6022 Variel Avenue, Los Angeles 91367, California

(877) 634-6908

Sober College in Woodland Hills, California is an exclusive provider of drug and alcohol treatment services for young adults age 18 to 26 ranging from residential treatment to sober living.

General info

Sober College’s alcohol & drug addiction treatment program seeks to identify and treat the underlying causes of addiction in order to effectively treat substance abuse in young adults and prepare them for long term sobriety.

Addiction manifests differently from person to person and is often influenced by a variety of factors. Each client of Sober College is provided with an individualized treatment program that addresses their unique needs throughout the recovery process.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment at Sober College seeks to help young adults reconnect with their inner-selves and strengthen their ability to deal with stressors and other influences in a healthy way. Through a variety of therapies, our clients are provided with countless resources to grow in their sobriety and develop healthy behaviors to support an independent lifestyle. By combining traditional and nontraditional therapies, clients are engaged in a treatment program that is a well-rounded, balanced approach to sobriety.

Sober College is an innovative drug addiction treatment program designed to address the unique needs of young adults in addiction treatment. Our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our clients ensures they are provided with a treatment program that is progressive and catered to their individual needs. Clients are empowered to take control of their sobriety, discover true passion and continue on a path or success, happiness and independence. We do this through our multi-tiered alcohol and drug addiction treatment program that help clients gradually learn or relearn how to live an independent lifestyle and our Five Core Competency Model that enables clients to develop a comprehensive approach to sobriety and healthy living.

Clients are engaged in a multi-tiered drug addition treatment program that helps them readjust to living an independent lifestyle. All clients begin their journey at Sober College in what is referred to as the Freshman Phase, allowing them to readjust to living free of all mind and mood altering substances in a supervised environment. This time is spent developing relationships with housemates and staff while acquiring skills to support them through the recovery process. When students graduate from Freshman Phase, they earn more privileges including access to the house or their cell phone, non-academic computer privileges and passes to go off-site with another client or their sponsor. Clients must continue to make progressive changes in their recovery and maintain good standing in all Five Core Competencies to transition into Senior Phase.

In Senior Phases clients again earn even more freedom. They have later curfews, are able to get longer passes, they can begin working or attending school off-site. They are given the opportunity to make their own schedules as long as they are keeping up with all the program requirements like regular gym attendance, meeting quotas, attending individual and group therapy etc. Once someone has been at Sober College for a minimum of six months are may decide to move into our sober living or another sober living in the area and continue to participate in academics, therapy and other outpatient services.

Sober living at sober college is independent living with the benefits of community and support. Sober living managers and staff are available 24 hours a day however, clients are able to come and go as they please as long as they do their chores and drug test regularly. Clients meet with their counselor once a week for check-ins and most clients are participating in outpatient services like individual therapy and academic support. Clients in sober living are fully immersed in society and the real world, but still live in a community of sober peers. Clients must still maintain their sobriety and are expected to uphold the values and practices learned throughout their journey in the Sober College program. Our approach to young adult treatment allows clients to achieve sobriety and gradually transition back into the community at their own pace.

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