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The disease of addiction is a deadly illness and requires immediate attention. Learn more about substance abuse and effective treatment methods.

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Finding a treatment center that works for you is a determining factor in your success in addiction recovery.  Your recovery journey should start here.

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Sober living homes provide a safe way to re-enter society with your new-found sobriety while maintaining a higher level of accountability.

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Sometimes the thought of getting help alone is more that we can handle. There are many recovery professionals that are here to help.

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Recovery Professionals

Recovery Professional Directory: Find interventionists, counselors and psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, sober escorts, and other recovery professionals on Sober Nexus.

The Recovery Professionals page on Sober Nexus is comprised of interventionists, counselors and psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, sober escorts and more - all dedicated to the profession of addiction recovery. Here is a brief introduction to these addiction recovery professions:

An intervention is an organized attempt by family and friends to convince someone to seek professional help in addressing a serious personal problem, most often an addiction to drugs or alcohol. They usually get the entire family and/or friends and colleagues involved in order to not single out the individual in question and recognize the need for everyone to make changes in order to reach a healthy state. Interventionists are trained counselors or educators who specialize in these often confrontational events.

Clinical and counseling psychologists and therapists are experts in psychotherapy who work with patients, often via a personal relationship, to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a patient's mental health and well-being. Counselors aid recovering addicts in identifying and overcoming the mental side effects that can cause or arise from addiction, and from withdrawals during treatment and sobriety. They may also be trained to deal with co-occurring disorders or dual disorders, including depression, anxiety, and OCD.

Psychiatrists are physicians trained and specialized in using medical practices and techniques to diagnose and treat mental disorders or health issues that can result from a combination of physical and/or mental factors, including the physical and mental side effects of substance addiction and withdrawals. They may also be trained to deal with co-occurring disorders or dual disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and OCD.

Life coaching uses a wide variety of tools and techniques drawn from other disciplines including sociology, psychology, and career counseling in order to help people identify and achieve personal goals. Life coaches specializing in assisting recovering addicts can help people commit to sobriety, set reachable targets, and forge a new and successful future free of addiction.

Sober escorts are professionals who provide one-on-one assistance, companionship, and accountability to recovering drug and alcohol addicts outside of sober living and treatment center environments, including in the client's own home and workplace. They may also provide transportation for those who need to travel from home to work, outpatient treatment, 12-step meetings, and longer-distance locations. They ensure a substance-free environment is provided - this includes hotel rooms, plane cabins, buses, trains, and personal vehicles.

Take a look at the list of recovery professionals below. Once you find a recovery professional that you'd like to speak with, fill out the contact form on their page and someone will promptly respond to you. If you need assistance determining which type of recovery professional can help you, please contact us at (888) 70-NEXUS.

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