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The disease of addiction is a deadly illness and requires immediate attention. Learn more about substance abuse and effective treatment methods.

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Finding a treatment center that works for you is a determining factor in your success in addiction recovery.  Your recovery journey should start here.

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Sober living homes provide a safe way to re-enter society with your new-found sobriety while maintaining a higher level of accountability.

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Sometimes the thought of getting help alone is more that we can handle. There are many recovery professionals that are here to help.

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elcome to Sober Nexus! We are a comprehensive alcohol and drug recovery website where you will find all of the resources necessary to help you live a clean, sober, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Using Sober Nexus is simple. Start your journey in three easy steps:

  • Search for a Sober Living Home, Treatment Center, or Recovery Professional that fits your needs.
  • Contact your desired choices via included phone numbers, email addresses or through our online chat link. Be sure to let them know you found them on Sober Nexus!
  • Visit our Addiction Resource Center to learn more about you or your loved one's addiction and learn what steps you can take towards recovery.

Sober Nexus has been tailored specifically to the needs of the alcoholic or addict and their families who are looking for help immediately. The good news is that you're in the right place.  Sober Nexus can help you find the sober living home, treatment center, or recovery professional you need...right now.

Here are just a few of the resources available on

  • A detailed database of sober living homes across the United States.
  • In-depth listings on all types of treatment options to meet your specific needs.
  • Dedicated counselors, interventionists, and recovery professionals with years of experience.
  • An in-depth library of the most up-to-the-date information on addiction and recovery.
  • Warm and caring operators who are standing by, waiting to take your call or chat.

Whether you are looking for a sober living home, a treatment center or a recovery professional, Sober Nexus can help you find the right fit that will help you get or stay clean and soberHow do we know? We're in recovery too! We've been there, and we know how hard it can be to get started. Sober Nexus can help you find the sober living home, treatment center or recovery professional you need………right now.  

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Kool Living Treatment Center in Winnetka, California

Introducing Kool Living Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Winnetka, California. Kool Living Recovery is a fully licensed medical detox facility and residential treatment center located in the ...

Thursday , May 15 2014

ASAP: Los Angeles Drug Treatment

The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)’s Los Angeles drug treatment center offers an intimate and secluded co-ed setting for recovering addicts in an old Pasadena neighborhood nestled beneath ...

Friday , Jan 17 2014

Stanley House: Los Angeles Sober Living

Stanley House sober living is an upscale “Florida Model” sober living facility located in the heart of the Melrose shopping district of Los Angeles where your sobriety is their first concern. Stanley ...

Friday , Jan 17 2014

A Work In Progress: Los Angeles Women's Sober Living

Located within the San Fernando Valley in Chatsworth, CA, A Work In Progress women’s sober living home helps women recovering from addiction to develop social skills and gain responsibilities that ...

Friday , Jan 17 2014

Karuna Recovery: A Brand New West Hollywood Sober Living Home

Sober Nexus is proud to present Karuna Recovery Residences, a brand-new sober living community in West Hollywood, California. At Karuna Recovery, they pride themselves on providing a caring and ...

Friday , Jan 17 2014

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