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The disease of addiction is a deadly illness and requires immediate attention. Learn more about substance abuse and effective treatment methods.

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Finding a treatment center that works for you is a determining factor in your success in addiction recovery.  Your recovery journey should start here.

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Sober living homes provide a safe way to re-enter society with your new-found sobriety while maintaining a higher level of accountability.

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Sometimes the thought of getting help alone is more that we can handle. There are many recovery professionals that are here to help.

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"Today is only the beginning of the amazing life you have ahead of you. Live every day to its fullest and never let go of your dreams!"

Welcome to Sober Nexus! We're not just a sober living and treatment center directory, but a full service recovery-based marketing agency that can help thrust your facility or organization onto the web with groundbreaking results.  There are many sober living homes and treatment centers in the nation, and chances are you're looking to increase your exposure over that of your local competition. Sober Nexus helps by giving you a national internet presence via the internet.


Why We're Here

Let's face it. When we need information, one of the first places we turn is to the internet. Today, people searching for sober living homes and treatment centers are researching far and wide on the world wide web. The facilities that present themselves well on the internet and provide the best information are the facilities that attract the most clients. How do the big guys do it? Many of the larger facilities have an entire marketing team in-house. They have people that are 100% focused on marketing strategy and implementation, web design and maintenance, social media, public relations, and more.  But if you're like most small companies in America today, you can't afford to hire even one person to handle these tasks, let alone a whole team. That's why Sober Nexus is here. We can provide you with in-house quality marketing tools at a meager fraction of the cost of only one employee! Sober Nexus gives you the competitive advantage against much larger organizations in your field.


What We Do

You may have your website up, and you might have even listed yourself in a few directories. But are you getting the phone calls you need to fill your beds? Is your facility generating income or merely breaking even? Sober Nexus is here to help you make sure that you have a continuous stream of new leads to fill your open beds as they become available. We do that by helping you create a marketing campaign for your sober living home or treatment center and working side-by-side with you as it is implemented and adjusted. This may include adjustments to your own website, implementing social media campaigns, blogging, search engine marketing, directory listing campaigns, and more. Sober Nexus exclusively markets for recovery services, so we understand your target market and the difficulties of reaching out to addicts and alcoholics. Working alongside you, we use every marketing tool available to not just connect you with the people who need your services, but encourage and entice them to reach out to you.


How We Can Help You

Sober Nexus makes marketing affordable! No longer will you need to spend endless hours researching how to market your business or implementing and maintaining your own campaigns. Sober Nexus takes all of the guesswork out of internet marketing and simply gives you the web presence that will connect you with your target audience. We can handle any marketing need you have from web design and search engine optimization down to offering some of the best rates on business cards and brochures anywhere to be found. Best of all, we do it at a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing consultant or new employee to handle your marketing campaigns. We focus on quality, personal customer service, and affordability. Give us a call today to see how far we can take your business!


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