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Scottsdale Recovery Center’s drug treatment program encompasses not just a state of the art treatment center, but also two upscale gender-specific sober living homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, providing transportation between both. Their Scottsdale drug treatment facility is where residents spend most of their day Monday through Friday; here they not only receive counseling, therapy, and treatment for their addiction and any co-occurring disorders like anxiety and ADHD, but also participate in therapeutic activities including recovery-based yoga, meditation, and equine therapy. Recreational activities are scheduled on weekends, including hiking, fishing, bowling, and movie nights.

The experts at Scottsdale Recovery Center believe that treatment for addiction beyond detox is absolutely necessary in order to reach and maintain the goal of long-term sobriety, and their staff is passionate about making sure every resident attains that goal and is prepared to work towards a fulfilling and productive life after addiction. Scottsdale Recovery Center and its sober living homes, the Miller House for women and the Turquoise House for men, are owned and operated by recovering addicts themselves. Both homes provide a stable, structured, and caring environment for residents as they work through the recovery process.

The primary goal at Scottsdale Recovery Center is to avert recovering addicts from falling back into drug and alcohol use. Their Relapse Prevention Workshops are structured, interactive group meetings that help teach residents tools and life skills that allow them to recognize and manage their cravings, and to avoid situations, behaviors, and attitudes that put their sobriety at risk. Scottsdale Recovery Center also helps and encourages residents to build a support network of friends, family, and fellow recovering addicts, as they understand that recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a difficult and daunting task to accomplish alone.

For more information about Scottsdale Recovery Center’s drug treatment program, visit them online at or give them a call at 888.309.3385.

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