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Located within the San Fernando Valley in Chatsworth, CA, A Work In Progress women’s sober living home helps women recovering from addiction to develop social skills and gain responsibilities that will aid them in pursuing an independent, successful, and sober lifestyle. Providing a safe and structured environment operated and owned by fellow recovering addicts, A Work In Progress brings women together to share their strength and experience and help each other through recovery; their guiding philosophy is that change must be internal as well as external, and that personal attitude, as well as understanding and acceptance of the problems that must be overcome during recovery, are vital to successful and long-term sobriety.

The focus at A Work In Progress’ Los Angeles women’s sober living home is on maintaining a strict zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol and adherence to rules and structure in order to best promote self-control and accountability. However, A Work In Progress also understands a positive and fun atmosphere is important to successful recovery, and as a group attends conventions, dances, beach parties, concerts, sports functions, picnics, and more, with close and easy access to both the beach and mountains. A Work In Progress’ sober living home is located near abundant restaurants, parks, and theaters, and also conveniently close to junior colleges, universities, and libraries for those who wish to pursue their education or start working towards a new career during their recovery; public transportation is also close and readily available, including Amtrak and the Metro bus line. The house is pet friendly, welcoming and encouraging residents to bring their animal friends and family along on their journey to recovery for extra support.

For more information about A Work In Progress' Los Angeles women's sober living facility, visit them online at or give them a call at (818) 633-1719.

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