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Focusing on the 12 step process, Next Step Recovery requires residents to attend local 12-step meetings and provides transportation, helping recovering addicts gain the skills and connections needed for a successful recovery and transition to a sober daily life. Independently searching for a job with support from Next Step Recovery is also a requirement to get reconnected to life outside addiction. In their North Carolina sober living environment, Next Step Recovery’s structured living staff are licensed professionals, trained and experienced in addiction counseling.

Next Step Recovery emphasizes fellowship with others going through recovery and continuing education regarding their addictions, all in an environment where residents can feel secure and cared for. Residents also go on “adventures” on weekends, which can include hikes, picnics, whitewater rafting, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities, even visits to amusement parks, in North Carolina’s beautiful wilderness. These activities help and encourage residents to bond and form friendships with each other and help reinforce the lesson that fun is still possible without substance abuse. Staff members are diverse, experienced, and always approachable, and their rigidly structured sober living environment keeps residents accountable and focused; Next Step is a place for people who are ready for recovery. Outside of Next Step’s sober living homes, our residents will find a strong local recovery community that they can rely on and integrate into even after they complete their time with Next Step Recovery. By teaching life skills and building relationships, Next Step Recovery’s North Carolina sober living homes prepare residents for a successful transition back to a sober daily life free from drugs and alcohol.

For more information about Next Step Recovery's North Carolina sober living program, visit them online at or give them a call at (828) 350-9960.

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